Thursday, 28 November 2013

Accompanied viewings - the way forward.
Accompanied viewings - the way forward.
My pals have warned me that I rant. This comes as a disappointment to me because I associate this kind of behavior with people who shout at telegraph posts and lick vehicle windows. They have observed that without any obvious provocation, a tirade of generalizations, perceived injustices and mystifying findings all based loosely about one core subject may come tumbling from my own mouth generally aimed towards all of them. This provides amusement and mild satisfaction to all of them because they become aware of their own relative peace of mind. Having given significant thought to that, I have made the decision that the reason for my behavior is not really to amuse or to draw attention to myself, but to clean my personal mental data base. I guess it’s the equivalent in IT terms of deleting four mb of undesirable email from your Inbox.

The subject of today’s rant has been based loosely around the broadly held view that all we do as Estate Agents is open up the front door of a home and let people look about. They then consent to purchase the particular property or home and the remainder will take care of itself. Thus to my point which is to emphasize the advantage of permitting your Agent to carry out viewings of your own home on your own behalf.

Your Agent should accept the chance to show prospective purchasers around your house. Accompanied viewings are an important component of exactly what you pay a company of Est Agents to do and getting a skilled Agent meeting face to face with prospective purchasers is very worthwhile and will enhance your chances of selling to that person. In addition to the Agent being able to notify the purchaser of the advantages of residing in a particular location, he or she can also emphasize important, relevant selling points and focus on particular characteristics of the property or home.

This opportunity additionally enables an Agent to interact with the viewer, gather suggestions and work accordingly. An improved focus in recent times has been put on communicating the findings of the viewers back to the seller as that generally assists in determining any aspects of the home that may be putting people off. From a realistic viewpoint, it additionally eliminates the headache, anxiety and safety concerns that a seller may have in showing strangers around their house. In a customers market, any edge that you can acquire as a seller ought to be used.

Organizing and performing viewings is just one particular little bit of the Agents work. When combined with effective marketing, and efficient sales programs, its significance should really not be undervalued. Without viewings and the ensuing offers, the remainder of the work would be irrelevant.

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