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The Science of Working Your Business Backwards
The Science of Working Your Business Backwards
When starting in an web marketing business it's easy to get all kinds of scattered. I speak from experience on this one. Long before you even start marketing, you have to know exactly what your goals are, and what actions and tools will most directly get you to that certain goal.

These actions are all that actually matter when constructing an web marketing business:.
1. Create Traffic.
2. Capture Leads.
3. Convert Sales.

You should optimize your business, but I can say from my own personal experience that finding out what you should do can be tough when doing this in a linear fashion, starting from traffic to finding out the best ways to offer your product to those leads.

You could know the best ways to create traffic to where you prefer them to go, but if you don't have a engaging offer, they won't convert into a lead, and so on.

To actually get at the heart of the matter, you should start at the end in mind (which, in this case, is sales for your business) and tailor everything you do to fulfill that end goal.

Below's what you should ask yourself, in this order:.
1. Where are your SALES coming from? Who is in fact buying (or who do you want to buy) your product?

This must be central to all of your marketing efforts. You should know exactly who you want to speak to with your message and your products. How will what you have to offer give value to your audience? What certain outcome do you want your audience to experience with your product?

2. Where are your LEADS coming from?

How are you converting your traffic into leads?

Do you have a worthwhile bribe that's pertinent to your audience? What kind of product or service would your target audience be interested in?

Are you promoting to golf enthusiasts? Possibly they 'd like 101 free ideas on the best ways to improve their golf game.

If they're into permanent travel possibly they would opt for ideas on getting the best bang for their buck for their travels, or the best ways to manage lasting stay visa requirements for their respective countries.

The best thing you can do below is to offer free value (in the form of advice or product giveaway of some type) they can act on, then lead into a promotion of a product that offers your audience the ability to even better leverage the value you just offered them.

3. What TRAFFIC sources are creating these leads?

How are they seeing your content or offers?

Are you making use of paid traffic? Social media marketing? Search engine optimization? Forums?

Find where your most ideal traffic sources are and go from there.

Use this model to reverse engineer your marketing method and determine where you should FOCUS.

If you aren't getting results, or are barely starting, then it's kind of tough to find out where your results are coming from. What you'll want to do here is this:.
1. Find someone who is doing what you want to do.
2. Find out where THEY are getting their sales, leads, and traffic.
3. Model after that person who is getting the results you want in the means you want to get them.

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