Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Easiest Method to Burn Excess Fat

The Easiest Method to Burn Excess Fat
Thank goodness the holidays have ended, as well as the new year is here now.

But they are you discovering that holiday celebrations have led to a brand new "you" too?

I hear the same thing every year after the holidays, as a personal trainer: "Stefan, I gained fat right here," and "Stefan, I gained fat there."

Tell the truth. Are you currently really amazed at the alteration within your body composition because of your calorie consumption during the last couple of months?

You shouldn't be.

First, realize that your body's metabolism decreases 2 percent for every decade in your life after age 20. Which means that the body burns calories slower with every passing year.

You should also be more careful with your calories as you get older, as a result. Just how much more careful? You can figure it out with the simple calculation below that will give you your basal metabolic rate: Alternatively, BMR:

Take your required weight in pounds.

If you are a woman, 12 if you are a man, multiply this number by 11.

Subtract 2 percent of the total for each ten years after age 20.

Add 10 %. This represents the calories you have to maintain your daily routine functions.

The amount you find yourself with is the minimum daily calorie consumption.

So, say you are a 50-year-old man who would like to keep your weight at a trim 140 pounds. Here's the way you would calculate your BMR:

Desired weight = 140

140 × 12 = 1,680

1,680 - 3(1,680 × .02) = 1,57 9

1,579 158 = 1,737 calories daily

Now remember that a few of you might be more active as opposed to others. Hence, you need to add-on 180 calories hourly of housework (or if perhaps your home is already clean, go ahead and find and help me to! ), 650 calories hourly of cycling, 800 calories for each hour of running, and 1,200 calories hourly for cross-country skiing.

However, calorie control is only one side of the equation, if you want to lose body fat. The question you continue to have to ask is: "How can you burn by far the most calories and, best, by far the most fat calories? "

Interval training workouts! Yes, you have to push yourself. You have to vary your training intensity between 65 percent of the total ability to 85 percent and 95 percent. This method will help you lose by far the most calories from fat.

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